Interior Design + Styling

"Creating homes that feel like a sanctuary, inspire wellness + nurture your soul."


Welcome Home.

To a place where wellness + design blend seamlessly.

You value your health and your home. 

You value your family's health and your connection to your family. 

You want a beautiful, functional home that the kids will never want to leave and neither will any of your friends.

I believe that good design is impactful and that your everyday life can be enhanced by the beauty, mood and style of your home. 

You don't have to wait for your yearly holiday to experience luxury, relaxation, wellness and connection in the spaces you dwell in.

We can ‘Dwell Well’ on the daily when we design, style and create spaces and homes that align with how we want to feel and the experiences we want to have in them.


My clients will tell you that when working with me they feel completely supported and understood. 

I offer a very personalised service meaning when you hire me you get consistent and ongoing support and updates throughout the entire project PLUS I have over 20 years of knowledge and experience working in our construction company, so I know building homes from the Outside-In which means I can help you design a well-balanced, well-designed, harmonious home that works for you and your family.


I not only use my know-how and skill to bring to life your ideas and dreams, but I call on my intuition, my knowing and my connection to you to truly understand what it is you want and even more importantly how you want to feel in the spaces we are co-creating.

Known for creating spaces with warmth, contentment and soul, I will connect your ideas with how you want to feel in a space to bring to life your home.


I work on custom design, concept and styling from single rooms, all the way through to residential new home builds, turning your ideas and visions into your dream home.



If you are looking for a down-to-earth designer who gets your vision, is super reliable, listens to your ideas and suggestions and has ALL the connections, we’re a perfect fit. 

I know how to bring your idea to life even if you don’t quite know what that idea is yet!

My signature style is earthy, rustic, farmhouse + modern, coastal getaway. Think raw materials, sustainable living, earthy textures and tones, timber, concrete and natural fibres. But really, I can create and design any style you desire.

Consciously creating homes that fill your soul with warmth, are gentle on the environment where possible, inspire wellness in your home and create spaces you never want to leave. 




There are two ways we can work together -

Done With You Services and Done For You Services.


So what's the difference?...


If you are more than happy to manage your project and do the heavy lifting (so to speak), you love the idea of being super involved with your home design and are happy to take on board all the sourcing, organising, doing and styling then my ‘Done With You Services’ are perfect for you. 


With these services I will create and design everything you need to design and style your space or home. This is the most cost-effective way to work with me and allows you to complete the project in your own time and be involved with the project.


However, if the thought of having to manage your project, liaise with trades, order, source and buy furnishings and furniture makes your heart race and your head spin my ‘Done For You Services’ are exactly what you need.


With these services, I will take care of everything! You will still need to be involved in the initial design stage (I make this super fun and easy for you) so your home is exactly what you want, but I will do all the heavy lifting and organising so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the whole experience. 


Ready to take the next step?

Download my "Interior Design + Styling Info Kit" to get to know more about me, my services, and my processes OR fill in the Inquiry Form below.


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