Slow & In Flow

Feel empowered, radiate confidence and reach your goals, by creating a life that aligns with you.

Welcome to ‘Slow & In Flow’

A practical approach for women to find their inner flow and live a slower, more fulfilled life.

‘Discover how to create a life that feels aligned to your desires and goals so that your days feel purposeful and satisfying, allowing you to consciously create success with abundant energy and excitement rather than resentment for the daily actions, practices and people around you’

'Busyness' is often misplaced priorities. We can spend our life feeling and being ‘busy’ without ever moving closer to our desires or goals. 

The reality is - you cant create a life that truly lights you up, when you live a life bowing down to everyone elses needs and demands.

You want to feel in control of your day, your mood and your thoughts so that you can be THAT woman who radiates confidence and contentment - but you spend your days chasing your tail with a to do list as big as your laundry pile.

You want to feel calm and certain of your actions and decisions each day - but you spend your day jumping from task to task, forgetting where you left your keys and wondering why your standing in the kitchen for the 10th time this morning forgetting why you even walked into the room.

You would give your right arm to be filled with consistent energy to be able to build your business/career/side hustle, while still taking care of yourself and your family - but instead you’re yawning and feeling moody as you pour your 3rd coffee for the day.

You dream of creating success, vitality, and great health for yourself so that you can live a long and abundant life, but the days turn in to weeks and the weeks into months and before you know it another year has passed you by and nothing much has changed.

To feel and experience the pleasures and passion of life and enjoy your years in your 30s, 40s, and beyond seems like a mirage in the distance that you keep walking towards, but keeps moving further and further away from you.

To uncover the daily practices that will support you to live slowly and simply no matter your current lifestyle can seem like an elusive promise, but they truly do exist and believe me when I say this….. They are so much more simple than you might think.

The thing is, no matter how much you keep ‘doing’, ‘hustling’ and ‘pushing’, you wont ever achieve a life that feels purposeful and satisfying.

There are too many ‘gurus’ teaching masculine, out dated styles when it comes to being ‘successful’ and living a life of purpose. These techniques are great for high achieving people who thrive on living the ‘push hard, hustle till you drop’ lifestyle, but honestly, as a woman, these aren’t sustainable ways of living.

You cant be a creative, purpose driven, abundant woman living in this way. You're doing yourself and the world a disservice. You might be able to sustain it for a short time, but trust me, after a while something has to give - your health, relationships, home life, business, wellbeing… or all of these.

This is where I come in because I have been the ‘say yes to everyone and everything good girl’ and the only place it got me was feeling exhausted, anxious and completely out of alignment with the lifestyle I actually wanted to live.

When we approach the way we show up each day the right way, in the right energy, with the right practices it takes less effort, energy, justifying, grinding and zero life depleting tactics.

Hi, I'm Melanie

I am an Adelaide Interior Designer, Home Organiser and Slow + Simple Living Expert for women who desire a beautifully well-organised home and life in the simplest way possible.


I support my clients to create spaces within their homes in a way that nourishes their body, mind and soul without having to jet away to an island escape!

Blending my love of wellness and design, I create relaxing, mindful, and practical sanctuaries within the home that allow my clients to unwind from the busyness of everyday life and reconnect to themselves and their families so they can feel more grounded, healthier and energised.

Creating homes with warmth, contentment and soul, like many of my clients, I am on a journey to live a slow and simple life.

My clients have been able to create and design homes they love, businesses that make them happy, and lifestyles that are enjoyable, rewarding, nurturing and fulfilling on every level.

I am not interested in teaching you the latest ‘fad’ or ‘fastest way’. 

I care about empowering you with skills and practices that will serve you for the long term in life, business, relationships.

When you can truly master the art of authentic, effortless, purposeful living practices you wont need to spend so much time, energy, or money on all the things in order to live a life that brings you joy, contentment and feels rewarding.

So what if...

✔  You could wake up each day knowing what was most important to you and what really mattered most?

✔  You had a clear vision of what you wanted your life to look and feel like, and you had daily action steps to follow.

✔  You woke up each day feeling excited about all the ‘things’ that you got to do that day, rather than felt you had to do.

✔  You felt confident saying no to the things that don't serve you and that you chose not to focus on.

✔  You could stop wasting your precious time on tasks and projects that just didn't matter to you.

✔  You could slow down without running away from your dreams and goals, in fact, you find yourself running towards them.

✔  The simplicity that you have always dreamed of was available to you right now.

✔  You had an understanding of why and how your natural energy ebb and flows daily and how leaning into it is actually going to bring you more vitality.


‘Slow & In Flow’

mentoring program, you’ll learn how to:

Stop the Churn

Slow things down without sacrificing your goals.

Are you tired of wearing ‘busyness’ as a badge of honour?

Or feeling like your own desires, health and wellbeing always get put last?

It doesn’t need to be that way.

You can create a life that aligns with your goals, without losing sight of the things that matter most. 

An existence that is purposeful, sustaining and satisfying, rather than exhausting and full of resentment.

Free your mind and your body from the constant chaos of life.

Have a Clear Vision

Stop hustling towards a moving goalpost.

Is your mind constantly in overdrive, making it hard to focus on what matters most?

Have you lost sight of the things that bring you joy and fill you with passion? 

Are you constantly anxious about achieving success, but you’re not sure what ‘success’ even looks like?

Don’t spend your time mindlessly jumping from task to task, or furiously pursuing for a goal that’s vague at best.

My Slow & In Flow mentoring program helps you hone in on what’s important. And once you do, you’ll have more passion, more purpose and far more joy!

Feel in control

Take back your power of choice and create a life you love.

Do you feel like you’ve lost your ability to choose? That you’re stuck in one spot with no way out?

Often find yourself saying ‘yes’, when you’d rather say ‘no’, and ending up with a calendar full of things you don’t even enjoy?

Does guilt drive your decision-making?

My program helps you understand what’s actually important, and gives you the confidence to let go of what isn’t.

Attract Abundant Energy

Recapture the enthusiasm and vitality of your youth.

Are you tired? Stressed? Flat and unmotivated?

Does it take multiple (double-shot) lattes to get you through the day?

Do you wish you had more energy to offer the people you love - your family, friends and colleagues?

I teach simple strategies that you can implement right from the start, that help bring your lifestyle back into balance and boost your energy.

Strategies that take less effort, less energy and less hustle than you ever dreamed possible, while still achieving your goals.


Imagine if…

✔  You woke up each day with a clear vision and some simple, easy to follow steps to help you achieve it

✔  You were able to stop wasting time on things that don’t matter, so you can focus on the things that do

✔  You could slow life down without sacrificing your dreams and goals - and instead smash them out of the park

✔  Waking up feeling energised and excited about everyday life was your ‘norm’

✔  The simplicity you’ve always craved was your new reality


And … what if all of this was achievable - in just 99 days?

No matter what age or stage of life you’re in, you can transform your life. 

I can show you how.

Why did I design the 'Slow & In Flow' program?

As a busy mum myself, I know that life can get a little out of control. And as the years flew by (and my kids grew up before my eyes), I knew there had to be a better way.

A way to truly thrive - to create a happier, more mindful and present life for my family - without sacrificing my own wellbeing.

So I started implementing changes. Small at first, then larger as my confidence grew. But every time, making sure my health and family came first.

And once I began to alter my approach, I discovered something amazing.

Far from being the ‘lazy’ option and merely cutting things out, I found that living a slower life didn’t mean doing less. 

It simply meant changing my mindset and doing things in a better way.

In fact, once I had a clear mind, I was actually able to achieve more, because I had so much energy and zest for life!

That’s how I know my approach works - because I’ve lived it. 

And so have countless other women who’ve embraced this way of life and benefitted from a slower, more fulfilled existence. 

Today, I’m excited to share my unique strategies with you, and help you master the art of authentic, effortless and purposeful living.

So if you’re ready to:

✔  Make your health, wellbeing and lifestyle top priority

✔  Dig deep and begin to understand what drives you - and why - so you can make the most of every moment

✔  Invest in yourself to improve your relationships, boost productivity and feel more in control

✔  Accomplish your goals and create lasting change

… my ‘Slow & In Flow’ mentorship is for you.


“Melanie has to be one of the most compassionate women I have ever met. I was really struggling with debilitating fatigue when I joined her coaching program. Melanie goes above and beyond with her time and deep knowledge and understanding of all things holistic. Being a busy mother herself, she just ‘gets it’! She is kind and caring and gentle, and has transformed by life with her positive energy. Thankyou so much Melanie, I will be forever grateful.”


- Jane, Australia

“I can’t recommend Mel Hansen highly enough. Mel has such a warm, nurturing nature; you always end each session feeling so much better and like the goals you have decided upon are easily achievable. I always felt heard and understood. Mel was willing to work with where I was at both physically and mentally at any stage, and gave me the gentle but firm nudge I needed at times. If you are struggling to know where to start with getting your health under control, I thoroughly recommend talking to Mel to see what she can offer. She is a wealth of knowledge.” 


- Nikki Jeffries


It's simple. Just 5 easy steps.

My unique ‘Slow & In Flow’ program covers five stages, and I’ll gently guide you through each.

I meet you where you are, and offer the exact support you need as you go along.

So much more than a basic roadmap, it introduces new concepts, step by step, over 99 days, to build confidence and inspire lasting change.


Dream, Commit, Aspire

From a base of overwhelm, I’ll take you through a journey to discover your inner self. Together, we’ll identify the things that inspire you, define your goals and aspirations, and make a plan to achieve them.


Design, Flow, Plan

This stage is all about empowerment. Overcoming limiting thoughts and building up confidence to take that first step, while laying the foundation for creating a slower, more fulfilling life. It’s time to get excited and let your inner-vitality flow.


Observe, Track, Get Ready

Starting with smaller changes, you’ll begin to uncover the things that drive you. You’ll start to feel the momentum of change happening in your day to day life - within your mind, body, work and family life - and things begin to make sense, and you’ll begin to see what truly is possible. 


Implement, Expand, Take Off

You’re now armed with the tools you need to redesign your life. You’ve become clear on what sustains you, and the daily routines that support a more joyful existence. You’ve begun listening to your body - understanding it’s ebbs and flows - while trusting your intuition and drawing on your new-found confidence to make impactful change in your life.


Inspired, Thriving & Transformed

The final piece in the puzzle. This stage sees you feeling good inside and out. You’ve mastered the art of decision-making and no longer sweat the small stuff. You understand the best ways to nurture your body and your soul, and are able to keep moving forward with confidence knowing you’ve made lasting change. You feel empowered to live a truly fulfilling life and know you can achieve anything.

How my 'Slow & In Flow' program works.


‘Slow & In Flow’ is a 99 day, one-on-one mentoring program that takes you on a journey of self-discovery, and includes:

✔  An in-depth, 90 minute introductory consultation and planning session (via Zoom)

✔  99 days of one-on-one voice and message support (via the Voxer App)

✔  Personalised and hands-on direction, guidance and accountability prompts to help you put strategies into practice

✔  99 days exclusive access to my full resource library, including workbooks, videos and expert guest speakers, plus the health and wellness practices I swear by (and use myself)

✔  A 90 minute wrap-up session covering all the next steps to ensure you’re set up for ongoing success (via Zoom)

“Melanie lives and breathes teaching women to live healthfully on their own terms. She leads by example and is highly skilled in her approach. She brilliantly supports women from pre-conception, through pregnancy, into postpartum and throughout motherhood feel well, enjoy their lives and thoroughly enjoy their families. Anyone would be lucky to work with her!”


- Dr. Jessica Drummond - MPT, CCN, CHC | Founder of the Integrative Women’s Health Institute, USA

“Melanie is helpful, open and such a kind person to work with. She was supportive, available and encouraging at all times and she’s helped me make lifestyle changes that will stay with me forever. The best part is, I understand my body more and how it works under certain pressures - physically, environmentally and nutritionally.” 


- Hope, Australia

Are you ready to start living a life you crave, find contentment and achieve the happiness you deserve?


Let’s do it together.