How to Create a Home Spa – Transform your Bathroom into a Zen Oasis with these Design Tips

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How to Create a Home Spa

When it comes to bathrooms and their design, one of the most requested, and most relaxing looks is that of a home spa. Who doesn’t want to feel like their bathroom is a 5-star luxury spa resort? Well, you don’t just have to dream about it, you can do it!

Here are some helpful tips and tricks you can do in designing and creating the spa look and feel for your bathroom.


Choose a Monochromatic Palette 

When you think of a zen bathroom, rainbow wall tiles don’t come to mind. To create a serene bathroom space, use a monochromatic color palette of neutrals and whites. Whether this is a soft crème and beige combo, or a gentle grey scheme, sticking to a monochromatic color palette helps to create a calm environment because it is soothing for the eyes. You can still add pops of color but choose muted tones in select pieces, such as a sage green vase or a rich maroon artwork. The key is to not overwhelm the often tiny bathroom with a ton of color, and using more muted tones can create a soothing feeling for the space.


Use Large Scale Tile 

One of the secrets to spa spaces is the scale of the tile. Spas, saunas, and other relaxation spaces use large-scale tile when designing their spaces. This is for two reasons. One is that large-scale tile visually takes up more space and appears calmer to the eye. The second reason is that more tile equals less grout, and grout lines can be visually distracting as well. Opt for a large rectangular tile for your floors and shower surround for a soothing look and feel. You can further this relaxing look by choosing a stacked tile lay for a modern and clean feel.


Upgrade your Fixtures 

If you are looking to elevate your bathroom into something that envy’s a spa, then you need to think about your plumbing fixtures. When it comes to plumbing fixtures there are so many ways to elevate an ordinary tap or showerhead. Instead of a fixed shower head, choose a rain showerhead or one with different head settings. Try a toilet with a bidet feature, or go for a jet-lined tub. These upgrades can drastically make your bathroom into more of a spa setting.


Bring in the Bath Salts 

It might not be a design feature, but adding some pampering products to your bathroom can create a zen feeling for your space. Add a set of bath salts, lotions, foot scrubs, and other skin and beauty products into your bathroom. Not only will it give a sense of a spa, but you’ll get to enjoy some quality pampering with these items as well.


Bring the outdoors in

Connecting with nature can help calm a busy mind and help you to relax, so it makes total sense to have suitable indoor plants and greenery in your bathroom. Opt for plants that thrive in a humid environment such as Pilea Peperomioides, Golden Pothos, Aloe, or Snake Plant. 


Try these tips and tricks out for yourself and your bathroom and get the spa look and feel you deserve in your home.

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