How to Organise your Office Space

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Blog 11 - How to Organise your Office Space

In a post-pandemic world, it seems working from home has become a trend that’s here to stay.

And while there are many perks, the biggest frustration many people face is the fact their home office space is, let’s say… less than desirable.

From trying to work from the kitchen table in an open plan home, to squeezing yourself (and all your gear) into a tiny little study, when the pandemic hit, many people just ‘made do’.

And while that was fine in the short term, now that working from home is becoming more popular, fixing a disastrous home office setup needs to become a priority.

Not only does an organised office space encourage productivity, but it also saves time, improves focus and helps reduce work-related stress.

Even if you’re not using your home office strictly for work-related purposes, having a decluttered and structured space to store all your important documents and paperwork can lessen overwhelm and make you feel more in control of your life.

So how do you achieve an organised home office?

Here are some practical tips to help tidy up your office space and maximise your productivity - pronto.

Keep desk accessories clean, simple and essential.

Without doubt, the most important thing to organise in a home office is your desk. The place you actually do the work, it’s vital to have space to spread out, rather than piles of paper, unnecessary clutter and a surface you can’t see.

So think about the things you use often and invest in a range of stylish holders, folders, drawers and caddies to keep these essential items tidy and organised, but close to hand.

And what about all the clutter that was there in the first place? Action it, donate it, throw it out or file it away in a box, cabinet or dedicated drawer.

Not only will you feel less claustrophobic with it gone, but you’ll feel a real sense of freedom.


Make storage fun.

A fundamental part of any home office is storage. When everything has a home, you’ll find stress levels drop and you’ll save time by always knowing where things are.

And far from the traditional desk and chair, if you’re willing to think outside of the box, there are plenty of clever and creative storage solutions to choose from.

Drawers can be fitted with moulded inserts to store all your stationery (channel your inner cutlery drawer!), cube or modular shelving units can play host to books, stationery and displays, while long, narrow wall-mounted desks can offer more room to spread out than a traditional freestanding version.

If you’re lucky enough to have a large window, think about daybeds that can double as storage boxes, and there are many custom built-in options - with fold out desks and drawers - that can be designed for smaller spaces.


Don’t forget the walls.

Often overlooked, your walls are a largely untapped resource in a home office that’s easily maximised.

Even the smallest spaces can be enhanced with an extra shelf or overhead cabinet, while walls that sit adjacent to your desk can be super handy for hanging whiteboards, filing systems or calendars that will make your life so much easier when they’re within reach.


Organise the important stuff, too.

There’s a lot to be said about a good filing system, and part of any home office overhaul should focus on making sure your paperwork is in good order.

Not only will you feel comfortable knowing where your important documents are, but it will help keep other areas of you life on track too, like bills, bank accounts and work projects.

Colour coded folders save time by making documents instantly recognisable, and a label machine will become your best friend when it comes to boxes, drawers and shelves.

Arrange your paperwork into a category system that works for you - alphabetically, by client or by document type, whatever fits best - and have a dedicated inbox for things you’re working on or that need your attention, making time to go through it at least once a week.

And it might sound crazy, but try going paperless - digitize your files, name them by client, purpose and date, then use all the same filing strategies on your desktop!


Once you’ve got your home office in tip top shape, don’t forget to add some personality by introducing a few items that bring you joy - like a houseplant, inspiration board or some treasured photos - so that you’ll love the space, be happier in it and more motivated to stop the clutter from building up again.

No matter the kind of home office or workspace you have, making sure you get the best out of it should be top priority, so that concentration, motivation and productivity can thrive.




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