Why hiring an interior designer should be top priority

interior design interior styling Dec 12, 2022
Why hiring an interior designer should be top priority

When you’re looking to build a new home, or renovate your existing one, usually the first thing you think about is contacting a builder.

It makes sense that your first port of call will be the one doing all the heavy lifting, right?

But when undertaking such a large and expensive task, there’s another expert that needs to be on your ‘must call’ list - an interior designer.

Why? Because while your builder may be great at getting the structure just right and managing the construction process - exactly how that structure is built, and how it should look and function, are two different things.

That’s where an interior designer comes in.

An interior designer can help you plan, make decisions, lessen the overwhelm and streamline your vision so that the final result is just how you want it.

After all, you’ll probably be living in this space for many years to come - so it makes sense to get it right from the start.


So, what does an interior designer do, exactly?

Dealing with far more than pretty fluff, an interior designer’s role begins long before a builder sets foot on site.

Right from planning stage, an interior designer will help you make decisions about how the home or renovation is going to work, right down to the tiniest details.

They’ll take on board all your ideas, help with space planning, layouts and design, narrow down what’s important and create the overall vision for the project, as well as provide plans to builders and troubleshoot any unforeseen problems as they arise.

From an aesthetic point of view, an interior designer also makes finish and fitting selections and checks in regularly with the builders to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

A holistic role that requires exceptional attention to detail, it covers everything from how the entryway will look and where the bathtub is placed, to what style of cabinetry, tapware or floorcovering will be used.

Put simply, an interior designer deals with more than just aesthetics. An interior designer will look after the entire design of your home - mainly inside, but outside too, if necessary -  to make sure you get the best result.

So with this in mind, here’s how an interior designer can help with your next building project.


Bring your vision to life.

You’ve got a plan and can already picture yourself living in your new space. So it’s important that reality meets expectation.

An interior designer makes sure that happens.

Drawing on their creative expertise, interior designers work closely with architects, builders and suppliers throughout planning and construction to make sure the space works from both a practical and design point of view.

Having covered every base, they help builders be more efficient, and ensure your vision stays on track throughout the process.


Avoid costly mistakes.

When building or renovating, there’s plenty that can go wrong. And when there’s no central coordinator across every part of the process, you can rest assured something will.

That’s why interior designers are so important. They specialise in planning.

It’s their job to ensure every base is covered and mistakes are not made.

Interior designers plan spaces around efficiency, functionality and aesthetics, to ensure the floorplan suits your needs. They make sure rooms are designed to cater for your lifestyle, fit bespoke furniture and achieve the ambiance you want, so that you don’t end up with an impractical home you hate.

In a practical sense - where time means money - they also keep the process moving when there are unforeseen issues and minimise delays by ensuring building materials, furnishings and supplies are ordered on time.


Style and budget is covered.

Interior designers take the time to get to know you and your vision. And part of that is understanding your budget.

While builders usually offer a standard range of selections across tiles, tapware and cabinetry, they may not always suit the aesthetic you’re after. But choose anything outside of this range and you could be faced with a huge variation bill at the end.

An interior designer makes sure your budget is respected from day one.

They will create a design that suits your space, plus help select fittings and fixtures - prior to commencement - that will work for your overall vision AND your budget.


Smooth communication.

Incredible communicators, interior designers are the glue that holds a new home build or renovation project together.

Their job to keep the lines of communication open between builders, trades and suppliers, they also help simplify building jargon for you, so you’ll always know exactly what’s going on with your build.

They sort out problems, communicate any changes or alterations and deal with day-to-day issues to ensure that everyone is well-informed and stress-free as the project progresses.


So… do I really need an interior designer if I have a builder? The answer is YES!


If you’re building a new home or considering a renovation, and you’d like an interior design expert on the job, I’d love to help save you time, money and stress.

Creating warm, welcoming and stylish spaces, I work with clients right across Australia to create beautiful, functional homes that reflect their individuality, are gentle on the environment and support their well-being.

With over 20 years’ experience in the building industry, I take an outside-in approach, and help custom design balanced, harmonious spaces that works for you (and your family).

And whether you’re time poor, requiring simple design direction or looking for a complete interior design solution, I offer a range of options to suit your needs.

From ‘done for you services, where you don’t have to lift a finger, to a hybrid ‘done with you’ model where you can get hands on with the process whilst still making the most of my expert guidance and advice, I’m here to support whatever you may need.

Plus, with a personalised e-Design option too, I can offer virtual interior design support no matter where you’re based.




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