5 Things to Quit Today to Simplify your Life

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blog 12 -  5 things to quit today to simplify your life

In a world that’s constantly running on full throttle, it can seem almost impossible to find a way to slow things down and focus on what makes us happy.

In fact, sometimes - in amongst the chaos - it’s even hard to remember what that is anymore!

There’s always something to get done, somewhere to be, someone to help out. 

It’s never-ending!

And believe it or not - busyness breeds busyness. The busier we are, the busier we get.

But what if I told you there was a way to start enjoying life again? To take the pressure off and allow you to feel lighter? 

To get rid of the physical and mental clutter that’s holding you back from living your best life (not just your busiest one).

Think it’s impossible? It’s not.

There are plenty of things we can let go of to help soothe our minds, our souls AND our schedules - without sacrificing productivity or giving up on our goals.

Here are 5 things to quit today so you can live a simpler life.


Bad Morning Habits.

The saying ‘win the morning, win the day’ certainly rings true when it comes to simplifying your life.

In fact, the things we do before 9am have the biggest impact on how our day plays out - mentally and physically.

So getting rid of toxic morning habits is sure to set you up for a more settled day.

For instance, get up when your alarm goes off (not on the 15th snooze). Not only will this make you feel accomplished, you’ll feel less rushed and have more time to squeeze in some self-care.

Keep your phone out of reach so you’re not tempted to check social media - it sends stress levels soaring!

An unmade bed clutters your room and your mind - and ruins bedtime too. So make it when you first get up.

Refrain from complaining. Yep, you’re tired. It’s raining. You’ve got a dreaded meeting at work. Whatever it is, negativity sets the tone for the day. Instead, think about the things you’re grateful for - big or small - and feel your mood instantly lift.


Saying yes (when you really want to say no).

If the word “no” isn’t in your vocabulary, it should be.

Time is a valuable asset, and it’s the one thing you can’t get more of. So why waste it doing things that don’t bring you joy?

For instance - will missing the third playdate this week really stunt your kids’ social development? 

Will everything fall apart if you skip the school parents’ monthly coffee date? 

Is it really an issue to decline an invitation to your colleagues, friends’ fundraiser?

While some things are unavoidable, leaving a bit of blank space in your calendar can be liberating, and allows creativity, spontaneity and connection to shine.

Learn to prioritise what’s important to you and your family, set some boundaries and ditch the stress and guilt that comes with saying no - you’d be surprised how understanding people are (because often they’re in the same boat!)

And if it’s simply FOMO that drives you? Get off that train! All it does is hold you back from living a happy and fulfilled life. Remember - the grass probably wasn’t greener at that party you missed. 



Easier said than done, getting rid of the clutter that fills your home, your office and your life really is the key to living a simpler life.

Why? Because too many possessions block positive energy and lead to overwhelm and stress.

But getting rid of clutter doesn’t mean throwing out all your stuff. It’s identifying the things you really need, letting go of the rest and only buying new things that serve a purpose.

Being content with what you have is a great step to living a simpler life.

And don’t forget the mental clutter!

Think about what feeds your brain each day - from Facebook feeds and mainstream news to YouTube videos, TikTok reels - even the office gossip!

Unhealthy bombardment clouds your mind, promotes a negative mindset and makes it difficult to focus on the important things. 

So wherever you can, cut the drama. Hide or delete apps on your phone to make them harder to access, turn off notifications, avoid the water cooler at work and if you must watch the news, limit it to once a day. 

Be conscious of the social pages you follow, the books you read and the kind of people you hang around with.

Your mind (and soul) will thank you.



Comparing yourself to others sucks the life out of you. 

And in a ‘keeping up with the Kardashians’ world, there’s a whole marketing culture out there telling us we’re not good enough, don’t have enough and will never be perfect without this ‘amazing’ new thing.

But it’s a destructive mindset that needs to stop. Instead, practice gratitude.

One of the most overlooked (and easily accessible) tools at our disposal, being thankful for what we already have boosts your mood, improves mental health and allows us to approach life in a more carefree way.

And it also simplifies your life.

Because when we stop focussing on ‘stuff’, we instead prioritise things we truly love, like experiences, activities and relationships with the people that matter most.


A long to do list.

What’s the best way to eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Write your to-do list, and prioritise the top 3 or 4 things that really need to be done.

Identify what’s critical, what can wait, what can be done more efficiently - and what can be scrubbed off altogether.

Obviously, things like health appointments and picking your kids up from sports practice need to be on there.

But you’re not a lesser parent for bringing shop-made cupcakes to the school fete. 

Sticking to a zero inbox goal will only suck valuable time away from other projects. 

And grabbing takeaway - instead of whipping up a homemade feast - doesn’t detract from the value you get from enjoying dinner with friends. 

No one wants to see you burn out. 

By focusing only on the things that will truly ‘move the needle’, you’ll find space to thrive.



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