Easy ways to give your home character

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Easy ways to give your home character

Here are 7 simple tips for bringing personality and warmth into a bland home.


In these modern times where everything seems homogenous and hurried - from technology and clothing to fast food and furniture - it’s not hard to believe that we find ourselves in a place where new home builds are bland, and older homes have often been decorated that way to satisfy a fast-moving real estate market.

In our rush to get things done, it’s like a conveyer belt. Pick an off-the-plan design, choose some finishes from a predetermined list that thousands of others have likely chosen from, and get moved in asap.

Or flick through the pages of any real estate brochure and you’re sure to see images of homes with colourless walls and nondescript furniture to try and ‘appeal to the masses’.

But none of this bodes well for finding a home that you truly love. So you need to create it.

Whether it’s your own home or a rental, it’s important to design a space that uplifts your spirit, makes you happy and reflects all the lovely things that make you, you.

The good news? When your home is a blank canvas, it’s easy to make it more homely.

Here are some of my favourite ways to inject some personality into a dull, drab or cookie-cutter space and give your home that much needed wow factor.


Have fun with furniture.
Don’t buy the matching, in-vogue furniture set featured in the last edition of Home Beautiful. Whilst it might be lovely, rest assured you’ll soon see it popping up everywhere!

Instead, select individual pieces you love and bring them together to create an eclectic arrangement that’s unique to you. And never be scared to blend styles and colours!

Already have matching sets and want to mix it up? Try swapping them out with pieces from other rooms, add some one-off vintage finds or consider reupholstering or repainting existing pieces to achieve your vision.


Add a splash of colour.
While minimalist beige was big in the early 2000s, there are still plenty of homes that exist as a lasting legacy of this dullest of eras.

And if this includes yours, thankfully things are a-changin’.

Today, boring is shunned in favour of bold colours and interesting patterns designed to make you smile.
So how do you do it? However you like!

If a colour makes you happy - use it! And don’t be afraid to mix and match.

Whether that be as paint on the walls, rugs on the floors or even simple soft furnishings like pillows and throws, there’s always a way to bring the shades you love into your home.


Add some art.
Just like colour, art doesn’t have to be dreary.

In fact, of all the home furnishings, art is where your personality truly can shine.
Pick pieces that reflect the things you love, or try creating your own art with sentimental photos, images or memorabilia taken from happy life moments. You could even have your kids do some canvas paintings using your favourite colours.

Anything can become art! It’s all about telling your own story.

Dedicate a wall for your favourites, or focus on a single large statement piece instead - the choice is yours.

But either way, choosing art that brings you joy not only ensures your personality is on full display, it invites a whole lot of positive energy into your space.


Intensify texture.
Texture adds warmth, character and depth to any home, so use it wherever you can to up the ante personality-wise.

Think throw pillows, vases, blankets and rugs of contrasting textures and tones to add interest and charm.

Not only is it a great way to play with colours and highlight your home’s personality, it exudes comfort and cosiness too.

Just try not to go overboard - you don’t need a lot to make a big impression!




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