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Today, more than ever, it’s hard to escape stress.

And while stress can come from many places - work, family, finances and health - many people don’t realise that a disorganised home can also be a huge contributing factor.

A cluttered home isn’t just visually displeasing, it can actually stop you from living your best life, and play a part in how you ultimately cope with day-to-day pressure.

So what are the benefits of having an organised home? 

Here’s three reasons why organizing your home should be top of your ‘to do’ list.

  1. Tidy spaces nurture your soul 

    After a busy day dealing with life’s demands, we all know the feeling of stepping inside to even more chaos. 

    The overwhelm is real, and clutter can block positive energy, making it hard to focus.

    But when you’ve got a home that’s organised, arriving home can actually be a source of joy.

    A clean, orderly home brings a sense of calm, and provides a soothing home sanctuary away from the unrelenting pace of the modern world.

  2. There’s less waste

    Ever tried to find something, only to give up and re-buy it because it can’t be found amongst the clutter? 

    Or been late to something because you can’t find your keys, your shoes, your (insert today’s lost item here)?

    Not only do both these scenarios waste time and money, they’re stressful, right?

    When your home is neat, tidy and streamlined, you’ll always know what you have on hand - and where to find it - so your mind is stress-free and ready to tackle the bigger issues.

  3. Your body (and mind) gets a boost 

    When clutter and chaos take over, chances are cleaning becomes a challenge - leaving the door wide open to developing physical health issues.

    And when your body feels rubbish, you can guarantee your mind will too.

    Making sure your home is organized eliminates this layer of stress in your life. 

    Less ‘stuff’ in your space makes cleaning a piece of cake.

    Think clear floors to vacuum, uncluttered benches to wipe down and fewer dishes to wash.

    Less mess = easier cleaning = less stress & better health.



So there are plenty of reasons why having an organised home is something to aspire to. 

But when reality sets in, and you’re faced with an overwhelming wall of clutter, achieving it can often be easier said than done.

So where do you start? Especially when life’s already so busy!

Here’s a few simple things you can do to cut through the chaos, welcome positive energy back into your home and kick start your new, stress-free life:

  • Better your bedroom.

    One of the easiest ways to lower stress? Declutter your bedroom. 

    The first place you see as you open your eyes and the last before you drift off to sleep, its primary function is rest and relaxation, setting the tone for the day (or night) ahead.

    And while it should be a peaceful retreat, it can easily become a dumping ground for all.the.things.

    But this stuff? It stops your mind switching off, ups stress and hinders sleep. So aim to create space and simplify things.

    Start by emptying your wardrobe and drawers, only putting back the things you love. Fewer clothes means less hassle getting ready.

    Make your bed daily, keep bedside tables clear - leaving only things like your journal, a water bottle and lamp - and invest in a hamper for dirty clothes.

  • Stow stuff stylishly.

     When there’s clutter everywhere you look, it’s hard to unwind.

    So it’s no surprise that deciding where to put everything can be a roadblock to overcoming stress.

    The easiest way to tackle this is to incorporate some stylish home storage - from boxes, baskets and bins to new cupboards or drawers if the budget allows.

    Ensuring everything has a place makes it easier to put away, keeping your home looking neat and your stress levels low.

  • Rethink your routine.

    Think about how clutter accumulates, and work out ways to combat it before it becomes a problem.

    Write lists before you go shopping, only buying what you need. 

    Set a roster for chores like laundry, mopping and filing - and stick to it.

    Put things away when they’re not being used.

    Go through your wardrobe regularly. Donate clothes that don’t fit, chuck out old, worn socks and stow away out-of-season items.

    Without structure, our lives can seemingly descend into chaos. But having systems in place can reduce overwhelm, lower stress and increase overall wellbeing.

    While having an organised home can’t stop life’s stressors coming at you, it can give you the space and reprieve you need to process things better, laying the foundations to build a happier, less stressful, and more fulfilled life.



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