How to get Tidy and Organize your Home for your Busy Family

family homes home organisation Mar 15, 2022
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It can seem like having a clean and tidy home with children is a wild dream. Believe it or not, having an organized home with a full family IS attainable. The trick is knowing the tips and secrets to successfully organizing and staying organized as well.

We’ve put together our top tips for having a tidy home with a family of children.


Baskets and Bins 

Most children have a hard time putting items away. Lidded tubs, drawers, and upright filing systems can be challenging for children. That’s why bins and baskets are a great solution. It cuts down on the task of putting items away while still keeping things semi-neat and organized in a stylish basket or bin. Organization cubes, woven baskets, and linen bins are all great solutions for keeping a busy family organized.


Labels, labels, labels

For a family full of developing young ones, children might not always be aware of the location of items. Help your kids in knowing where items go through a system of labels. This not only helps a child to see where everything is located before they start going through and pulling apart shelves, but it also helps them in development as well. Reading labels and slowing down to stop and assess, teaches patience and rational thinking.


The Color System 

Aside from written labels, try to organize using colors. This helps a child in creative learning, understanding colors, systems, and how to group items. This system is perfect for items such as Legos, colored markers, pencils, or crayons, and even clothing. As many children are visual learners, this method of organization can help in their visual learning.


Make Organizing Fun

Many children are motivated by positive reinforcement and enjoyment. Same with adults. We are more likely to do things that are enjoyable verse a boring task that feels more like work. Try creating games for organizing, making the process of tidying up more fun and enjoyable. It turns something that was once boring into play. Your children will be more motivated and likely to partake in cleaning up toys, homework, and dishes when it feels fun. Some ideas to turn tidying up into play are having a countdown clock (cleaning up within a time limit), having a reward system, or even turning tidying up into a dance party with music and silliness.


Have Routines 

A tidy home feels great, but if not maintained, an organized home can quickly turn into a mess again. Keeping routines can ensure that your home remains clean, organized, and tidy. Set this up like any chore. If you have a chore wheel, add tidying up to the tasks. Another step is to break it down. Ten minutes of tidying up a day is a lot more manageable than one hour at the end of the week.

Try these tidying tips for yourself and your family and have a home that is organized and fully functioning for your busy lives.

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