Mindful spaces to DIY at home | Turn your house into a home sanctuary with these sacred spaces

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Mindful spaces to DIY at home | Turn your house into a home sanctuary with these sacred spaces

Our homes are our hideaways. Our safe and sacred spaces where we can just be. For many of us, we struggle to find the time or space to stop, relax, unwind, play, and enjoy our hobbies because we either don't prioritise them or we haven't created the physical space in our homes to support us.


Here are 4 mindful and restful spaces you can ‘DIY Interior Design’ today so you can prioritise the important things in your life.


  1. Bedroom Sanctuary


    Our bedrooms are often our little sanctuaries and hideaways, it’s the one place that we really should feel comfortable, relaxed and able to switch off 100% from the outside world. I see so many bedrooms that are messy, and feel so cluttered. This does not help us to switch off because clutter can feel really overwhelming and uncomfortable. 

    If your bedroom is often messy I highly recommend that you dedicate time to declutter it and find a home for all the things you have in your bedroom. Try and keep your clothes, shoes, jewellery and personal belongings put away in your robe and draws.

    Keep the floors clear of anything but a beautiful plush rug or your chosen flooring and choose soft, cosy bed linen that feels beautiful and luxe to sleep on. Have pillows and throws on your bed for extra comfort and avoid bright and energising colours like red and yellow in the room that dont necessarily encourage relaxation.

    And dont forget to add mood lighting to your bedroom with bedside table lamps, floor lamps or dimmable lights. 


  2. Yoga + Meditation Space


    Drawing on my own experience of dealing with adrenal fatigue and an over stimulated nervous system I cant emphasise enough the importance of a dedicated yoga and meditation space in your own home. 

    When a dedicated space is already set up, it makes it just that little bit easier to prioritise it because firstly, you see it so you’re reminded to use it, and secondly you dont have to set anything up, you just take yourself there and enjoy it.

    Creating a space to support you with yoga and meditation needs to be calming and relaxing, away from the noisy spaces in your home and ideally somewhere where you can close the door and have some quiet time alone. A corner of your bedroom or a spare bedroom are perfect places, and keep the area neutral and nurturing with pillows, throws, and earthy tones. You want to create a space that feels both nurturing and safe. 


  3. Reading + Relaxing Nook

    Just thinking about a dedicated reading and relaxing nook should make you feel totally zen. I recommend choosing a space that is away from the busy and noisy parts of the home, such as the kitchen and family room to avoid distractions and too much noise. 

    A day bed, bean bags or comfy couch with pillows and cosy throws will work perfectly for this space, plus you might want to add a small side table with a reading lamp to store books and magazines, and consider keeping the space calm and restful with earthy tones and textures


  4.  Kids ‘Chill Out' Zone   


    It’s important that kids (including teenagers) spend time away from devices such as TVs, gaming consoles, mobile phones, ipads, and laptops. If they are school-aged there’s a fair chance they are already exposed to electronic devices for a big chunk of their day, let alone any time they have at home. 

    Perhaps they have a space in their bedrooms set up with beanbags, large pillows, cushions, and rugs where they can relax and cuddle up without these devices to read, do something creative or just sit and think (something that many of us don't do enough of these days).

    You can define this space by painting a corner of their room in their chosen colour and let them help you decorate it so they feel like it was their creation. 


Here are a couple of little things that will help you to design and create this space:

  1. Use Google or Pinterest to find images you really like so you can start to draw inspiration for your own space. 

  2. If your home already follows a particular interior design style I encourage you to continue with this style for any new space you create, however, if your home doesn’t necessarily have a style, now is the perfect time to chose one and create from that as your base.

  3. Create a mood board on your computer or with magazine clippings and strat to bring your vision for this space to life before you pick up a paint brush or start hunting for cushions.

Need some more help creating this space? 

My “Mama Me-Time Sanctuary” is an offer designed to provide you with your very own personal get-away.

To turn that junk room, never used spare room, messy corner storage room, into a loved and usable space, without the need to renovate, move house or spend hours of your time planning in as little as 6 weeks or less.




Do you need help with designing your dream space or house? 
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8 Essentials to Create a Cosy Sanctuary Within Your Home

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